When homeowners turn on a faucet in their home, they expect to see clear, clean water flowing from the tap. This is why it can be so shocking to see rusty, brown water from your home’s faucet. While a slight discoloration in water doesn’t typically present a health risk, nobody wants to drink or bathe in discolored water. Below, the experienced Ocala plumbers with our plumbing company outline three of the most common causes of rusty-looking tap water and how to remedy the problem!

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3 Causes Of Rusty-Looking Tap Water

Rusty Pipes

One of the simplest explanations for why your water appears rusty or discolored is that your plumbing system has rusted or corroded pipes. Rusted sediment may break off of pipes in your water system, tainting and discoloring your water supply. This will be more noticeable when the water pressure is high, and water is flowing quickly through the pipes. To test if rusty pipes are causing your water’s discoloration, check if all the faucets in your home have the same problem. If only a few of your taps present discolored water, the problem could be a particular rusted or corroded pipe in your system.

Sediment In Water Heater Tank

If rusted pipes aren’t to blame for your home’s discolored water, then the problem could be caused by sediment in your water heater’s tank. To determine if your water heater is the source of your water discoloration problem, check both your hot and cold water. If only the hot water is rusty, then the issue is likely related to your water heater needing to be replaced or flushed. However, if both the hot and cold water is discolored, then there’s likely a different problem.

New Pipes

Another of the most common causes of discolored water in residential properties is new water pipes. If you’ve recently installed some new pipes in your home’s water system, then the commotion from the installation process could have stirred up some old rust in your water supply. If new pipes stirring up rust is the cause of your home’s water discoloration, it should clear up shortly.

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