The last thing anyone wants to find when they enter their bathroom is water leaking from their toilet to the floor. Unfortunately, leaky toilets are one of the most common plumbing problems homeowners face. Having a leaky toilet is frustrating and can cause severe water damage in your bathroom and the surrounding areas of your home. Below, the experienced plumbers with our plumbing company outline five of the most common causes of leaky toilets and what to do when you encounter a leak.

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5 Common Causes Of A Leaky Toilet

Cracked Tank Or Bowl

Toilets store water in their tanks and bowls, meaning even the smallest crack in those areas could cause water to leak out. While toilets are durable, damage can occur over time. Typically, damage to a tank or bowl will begin as a small hairline crack that develops into a larger one with continued use, eventually leading to a leak. If your toilet has cracked, don’t hesitate to contact our Ocala plumbers to schedule professional toilet replacement and installation services!

Damaged Flapper

One of the most common causes of internal toilet leaks is damaged or worn-out flappers. A toilet’s flapper is responsible for draining water from the tank and into the bowl when it is flushed. If a toilet’s flapper becomes damaged, worn, or blocked, it may cause internal leaks and a spike in your water bill. Fortunately, flappers can be easily replaced or repaired when they’ve been damaged or become stuck.

Rusty Or Corroded Pipes

Over time, the pipes that lead to your toilet can become rusty or corroded, eventually leading to cracks or holes that allow water to leak. Leaks caused by rusty or corroded pipes should be repaired immediately to prevent mold from growing in the affected areas. Contact our local plumbers today to schedule water leak repair services for rusty, corroded, or damaged pipes!

Faulty Fill Valve Float

Another common cause of internal toilet leaks are faulty fill valve floats. Your toilet’s fill valve float controls how much water the tank holds. When misaligned or damaged, your fill valve float could cause your toilet to run constantly or make a dripping noise, causing water waste and a higher utility bill.


Ensure the water you notice on your toilet isn’t simply condensation before you assume it’s a leak. It is common for bathrooms to become quite humid, particularly after a shower. As a result, condensation can form on your toilet. Condensation typically produces small amounts of water, so it isn’t a problem that you need to worry about.

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