Older homes can be historically beautiful with structural quality that's better than some modern techniques. But, when it comes to plumbing, older almost always means problems. If your house is more than 10 years old, be aware of these issues that may cause leaks, drain blockages, and low water pressure.

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6 Common Plumbing Problems In Older Houses

Outdated Piping

Older homes often have sewage piping constructed from outdated or no longer viable materials, which can create issues with water flow, drainage, and leaking. This can include galvanized pipes and polybutylene (plastic) pipes. These are often replaced in sections as they wear down, so they continue to cause issues for years. To avoid this, consider having all of your home's pipework updated at once. Lead pipes should be immediately replaced as they present toxic health risks for homeowners.

Shifting Pipes

In older homes, the pipe's material might not be the problem, instead it may shift naturally over time as the foundation settles and is exposed to environmental forces such as storms. Because pipes weren't made to shift, this can cause pipe cracks, fissures, and full breaks that can render your plumbing useless. It can also lead to slab leaks, which can cause undetected water leakage that can seep into the foundation of your home, resulting in costly repairs and structural damage that may make your home unsafe to inhabit.

Tree Root Intrusion

Another issue with aging homes is the changing landscape. What once might have been an inconsequential sapling will have grown into a mighty oak after many years. If planted too close to sewer lines, tree roots can be attracted to the water within the lines and grow towards them, possibly causing cracks, breaks, and clogs. A plumbing camera inspection will be able to determine the source of such issues and save you money when it's time to fix them.

Improper Installation Or Repairs

Even if your home is just over 10 years old, it's likely your plumbing has required plumbing repair at some point or another. While this may have provided a temporary solution, if done incorrectly, repairs can wear down over time and create new, even more immediate problems. Additionally, if a plumbing system's part was not installed correctly, it may never have worked properly to begin with. Our Ocala plumbers will inspect your plumbing from top to bottom to uncover the issue so it doesn't plague you later down the road.

Old Fixtures

What might have been brand new 20 years ago may be a malfunctioning headache today. Even fixtures, such as dishwashers and toilets, can start causing issues after five or so years. After ensuring that the plumbing bones are in order, the best way to upgrade your plumbing is by replacing old fixtures with new ones. Not only do they work better, but modern plumbing fixtures are often better at conserving water and saving you money on energy consumption.

Years Of Clogged Drains

Unknown to many, items such as food scraps and oils don't usually fully flush down the drain. Build up over the years can cause clogged drains, possibly leading to gross standing water that won't drain. Whether it's a bathtub, shower, or sink drain, our water jetting service can safely remove clogs and put your plumbing back in good working order!