When it comes to replacing your home or business's plumbing, determining what type of plumbing pipes to use can be challenging, as there are several factors to take into consideration, such as material selection, cost, durability, and environmental impact. Thankfully, our plumbers in Ocala at Sunshine Plumbing & Gas have outlined some common types of plumbing piping to help you decide which one is best for your home or business.

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Common Types Of Piping


Copper is one of the most common types of piping as it can last between 70 to 80 years. Though, if your home is older and was built with copper pipes, we recommend consulting a plumber who will be able to tell you whether your pipes are still in good shape. While copper is very durable and has been the traditional piping used since the 1960s, over time it can corrode and contaminate your water.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and while it is less common than copper, it has a longer lifespan. When using brass piping, it is vital to ensure that there is no lead in the pipes. Ingesting lead can cause lead poisoning, which can potentially impact the mental and physical development of young children.

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is steel piping that has been dipped into protective zinc and typically lasts between 80 to 100 years. Galvanized steel piping was used more commonly during the 1960s, but has since seen less usage because of their frequency to rust and clogging issues. This type of piping is also heavy, which can limit its use in your home or business's plumbing.

Cast Iron

Cast iron piping is one of the heaviest types of plumbing pipes and is extremely durable. One of their major benefits is that when a part of your cast-iron system needs to be replaced, PVC can be used as a replacement. Cast iron piping is similar to galvanized steel in that it can last between 80 to 100 years and is susceptible to rusting over time.

Polyvinyl Chloride Piping (PVC)

PVC piping is made out of a plastic material and has seen significant improvements to its durability, with most PVC piping typically lasting up to 70 years. While PVC might not be as durable as metal pipes, one of the main reasons many homeowners choose to use PVC pipes is that they don't corrode as easily or put metal into water.


While polybutylene is one of the less expensive types of piping, it is a lot less durable, lasting just 10 to 15 years. If you have an older house and have this type of piping, we recommend contacting Sunshine Plumbing & Gas as soon as possible to have your pipes inspected.


While lead pipes are by far one of the most durable piping materials, lasting up to 100 years, they are terrible for the health of your family. Lead is an extremely toxic substance that can easily make you and your family sick if you are exposed to it for a long period of time. If you believe the pipes in your home are made of lead, schedule piping services today, and one of our plumbers can evaluate your system.