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5 Bad Plumbing Habits To Leave In 2022

Be it smoking, slouching, chewing your nails, or any other unsavory personal inclination — we all have bad habits we would like to kick to improve our lives. However, people may not know the unfortunate habits damaging their plumbing systems. Luckily, the new year is the perfect time to break…

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Basic Plumbing Issues & How To Fix Them

When going about their daily lives, home and business owners rarely give a second thought to their plumbing — and they shouldn’t have to! When someone turns the handle of a faucet or flushes their toilet, they simply expect their plumbing system to work. Unfortunately, plumbing systems don’t always work…

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What Not To Flush Down Your Toilet

It is common for people to flush items instead of throwing them in the trash for the sake of convenience. However, toilets can easily clog and malfunction if items other than toilet paper are flushed. Even if you do it infrequently or only flush a small amount of it, it…

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