When deciding on an Ocala plumber, it’s important for home and business owners to properly familiarize themselves with the company or contractor before scheduling plumbing services. With hundreds of plumbing professionals in Ocala to choose from, identifying those with the right credentials and expertise to tackle the particular plumbing issues affecting your property can make all the difference in terms of results — not to mention time and money saved. Follow this simple guide from our plumbing experts with Sunshine Plumbing & Gas for knowing what questions to ask before deciding on a new plumber.

Are You Licensed In Florida?

As a minimum requirement, only hire state-licensed plumbers. A valid license serves as proof that a plumber has completed the required training and criteria determined by the state. In the state of Florida, professionals are required to hold both a contractor’s license and a plumbers license. The former merely authorizes a licensee to do business in Florida. The latter requires licensees to have a specific amount of work experience and to pass the proper exams. All of our Ocala plumbers with Sunshine Plumbing & Gas hold both types of plumbing licenses.

How To Choose A New Plumber

How Many Years Of Experience Do You Have?

Experience is the best teacher for plumbers, especially when it comes to identifying the source of a water leak or backflow. Because plumbing issues can be unpredictable, relying on a plumber with several years of experience can save homeowners the trouble of scheduling additional repairs. The apprenticeship model, upon which plumber licensing is based, can help homeowners wage a candidate’s level of expertise.

  • Apprentice: Enrolled in a training program, usually at a community college.
  • Journeyman: Accumulated at least four years of plumbing experience or has completed an apprenticeship program.
  • Master: Has a minimum of seven years of plumbing experience, including at least two years as a journeyman. Plumbers at the master level must have also passed the licensing exam and paid the licensing fee.

As Marion County residents’ premier Ocala plumbing company, Sunshine Plumbing & Gas boasts an industry-leading team of professionals, most of which are at the master level with 10+ years of plumbing experience and expertise.

What Services Do You Specialize In?

While experienced plumbers know how to remediate most plumbing issues, not all professionals have both the knowledge and equipment to address less common situations. Make sure to hire professionals that specialize in the specific services you need. This is especially true for services, such as restaurant plumbing, water jetting, and sewer line repairs. Likewise, those looking for commercial plumbing services should only hire plumbers with enough experience servicing businesses.

Are You Available During A Plumbing Emergency?

Having a working plumbing system is a necessity in every household, but plumbing malfunctions can happen at the most inopportune times. While routine maintenance can certainly help prevent issues, hiring a plumber that is available outside regular business hours can be a lifesaver, especially during peak season when the next available appointment could be several weeks away. That is why Sunshine Plumbing & Gas offers competitively-priced, emergency plumbing services for both commercial and residential properties, so property owners won’t have to get by for days without a working plumbing system.

Are You Insured In Florida?

Just as with any other type of profession, mistakes and accidents can happen while plumbers are on the clock, which is why it’s important for property owners to work with insured plumbing companies. Insurance can cover damages to your property resulting from the plumber’s own negligence. In the event your plumbing needs repair because of a plumber’s poor work, for example, insurance would cover most, if not all, of the resulting repair fees necessary to remediate the problem. In order to provide our customers with greater peace of mind, Sunshine Plumbing & Gas is a fully insured plumbing company in the state of Florida.