Clogged Toilet Drain Repair Services

Nearly everyone’s experienced that stressful and embarrassing moment when you flush a toilet and the water doesn’t go down. A clogged toilet drain can quickly become a larger plumbing issue that can disrupt daily functions in your home or customer satisfaction with your business. If a clogged toilet drain is causing issues in your home or business, our plumbing repair company can help. Our plumbers in Ocala, FL, and Gainesville have the skill set and professional experience necessary to effectively unclog the drain and ensure every component in your plumbing system functions as intended. Avoid the hassle of a clogged toilet drain and contact us today for fast and efficient plumbing repairs!

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What Are Common Residential Toilet Clogs?

A residential bathroom may be considered the most frequently used place in a home outside of the kitchen. Because of its steady and regular usage, there are several residential toilet drain clogs that are common culprits for disrupting residential plumbing from properly functioning.

Blocked Plumbing Vent

The flushing pressure in your toilet usually gets extra help from roof vents. These vents can become congested from tree leaves, sticks, and sometimes animal nests. Our Ocala and Gainesville plumbers at Sunshine Plumbing and Gas has the tools and experience to quickly clear any blocked plumbing vent in your home.

Non-Flushable Items

If you have younger kids, odds are a non-flushable item has found its way into a toilet drain at one time or another. But kids aren’t always the reason for a clog. Our Ocala plumbers frequently remove wet wipes, cotton balls, and feminine hygiene products from residential toilets. The best way to prevent toilet clogs is to only flush toilet paper.

Low-Flow Toilet

Many homes have frequently clogged toilets due to the toilet itself. On the back of your toilet, check for a stamped date — if the date is from the mid-1990s, it’s likely a first generation low-flow toilet. While these are more efficient than their predecessors, they’re still first generation which means they came with some hiccups. Limit flushing toilet paper and other clog-prone items to reduce the number of clogs. When it’s time for a toilet replacement contact our local plumbers for efficient toilet replacement services.

What Are Common Commercial Toilet Clogs?

Plumbing within commercial properties, such as restaurant plumbing, can be extremely prone to clogs in the toilet drain as a result of the following common causes.

Toilet Paper Overload

Even biodegradable toilet paper still takes time to break down, and in the meantime, too much can clog the toilet drain. With regular maintenance services to your commercial plumbing, we can help keep your bathroom drains clear before a clog disrupts your business.

Tree Or Plant Roots

Tree or plant roots grow wherever they can, including into drains and pipes. If more than one toilet drain in your business is clogged at the same time, it’s likely an invasive root. We provide piping and repiping services to help solve this issue — contact our plumbers in Gainesville and Ocala today.

Waste Accumulation

Toilet paper, paper towels, hygiene products, and other waste can all accumulate into a toilet drain clog in any commercial setting. Whether you have just dozens or hundreds of people who use the restroom each day, our plumbers in Ocala, FL can help keep the toilet drains clear of waste buildup.

What Should I Do With A Clogged Toilet?

Most people reach for a plunger when a toilet is clogged in their home or business. While this can resolve minor clogs or temporarily solve the issue, a plunger may not be thorough enough to handle a major clog.

Call Sunshine Plumbing And Gas

If you’ve used a plunger or a toilet snake and the clog is still there, it’s time to call an experienced Ocala plumber. Our local plumbers have the training and experience to quickly get your residential or commercial toilet back in working order. Plus, if you experienced a major clog or water backup in your toilet, our 24 hour plumbers can arrive quickly for emergency plumbing services.

Use A Toilet Auger Or Snake

The step following a plunger is to employ a toilet auger, or snake as it’s more commonly known. A long wire is uncoiled into the drain led by a corkscrew-like end which breaks up or hooks whatever is clogging the drain. If the clog hooks, reverse the snake back toward you and remove the clogging object from the drain.

Buy A Plunger

Most people reach for a plunger when a toilet is clogged in their home or business. While this can resolve minor clogs or temporarily solve the issue, a plunger may not be thorough enough to handle a major clog.

What Should I Avoid With A Clogged Toilet Drain?

Whether they happen in a seldom used home bathroom or a busy commercial restroom, clogged toilet drains are annoying. And though you want this annoyance to go away quickly, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

Don’t Proceed If You’re Unsure

Worst case scenario when attempting to clear a clogged toilet drain yourself is to create an even bigger problem. With years of experience, plumbing experts advise anyone who isn’t completely sure to leave the work to the professionals to avoid developing the problem further. Instead, call us for fast plumbing help!

Don’t Use Chemicals

There are many drain clearing chemicals available at hardware and department stores, but keep in mind these work slowly. And depending on what is clogging the toilet drain, a chemical may not clear the blockage. At that point, you’ll be left with a clogged drain and a toilet bowl of chemical-filled water.

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