Gas & Propane Services

At Sunshine Plumbing and Gas, we provide the highest quality residential and commercial gas services for North Central Florida with affordable prices and warranties on all parts and labor. Our technicians arrive on time and explain costs upfront. Even though we’ve been in business for years, our customers always remain our #1 priority.

Contact us to speak with a gas plumber about our gas line installation, gas water heater installation, or to convert your existing electric appliances to gas. Contact our plumbing repair company today to schedule an appointment!

installing gas burner
gas tank being delivered on trailer

Propane Services

Propane is clean-burning and highly efficient for several uses, both around homes and businesses. While grilling and barbecuing are common uses for propane, it can also power stoves, heaters, fire log burners, water heaters, clothes dryers, and more with this versatile gas. We provide all the necessary services you need to fully utilize propane.

  • Gas Piping Installation
  • Propane Tank Installation
  • Propane Tank Repair
  • Convert Electric Appliances To Propane
  • Propane Gas Heater Installation & Repairs
  • Propane Water Heater Installation & Repairs
  • Propane Grills & Outdoor Kitchens
  • Propane Generators
  • Propane Heaters For Pools & Spas

Natural Gas Services

Our gas line plumbers can add gas outlets wherever you may need them to accommodate a new range, dryer, or outdoor grill. While gas leaks are rare, we can detect the source and fix the issue, keeping you and your property safe.

  • Gas Regulator Installations
  • Gas Line Installation & Repairs
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Gas Outlet Installation
  • Gas Line Locating
  • Convert Electric Appliances To Gas
gas leak detector
gas lines in the walls

Converting Electric To Gas

Gas and propane provide dependable options for powering your home, which is important for hurricane season. Even though electric appliances can’t be directly converted to gas, our gas technicians can help you determine which appliances to convert, such as convert electric stove to gas. Converting from natural gas to propane, or from propane to natural gas, only requires a simple conversion kit we can have installed for you in no time!

Propane VS Natural Gas

Propane and natural gas are very similar but still have key differences. It’s important to remember you’re not limited to one or the other, and our gas plumbers can help you determine which gas is better for your intended use.

A Propane Water Heater Can Save You Money

Do you want to significantly lower your energy consumption? We suggest a Rinnai tankless water heater. These amazing, state-of-the-art water heaters heat water on the fly using either natural gas or propane. They can cut your water heating bill by 50% and take up less space than a traditional water heater. We are a Rinnai-certified installer and would be happy to show you how much you can save!

Gas & Propane For Your Business

We provide both plumbing and gas installation services for new commercial and residential construction. To save you money, we can design and install a custom water heating system, including solar, tankless, or both. The energy-saving is significant, and the payback period is typically less than four years. Restaurants all over Florida can also depend on our high-quality gas services to ensure their business runs smoothly.

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