Whether it be from an aquifer or the well, from the tap or the sink, in a glass or in your dog’s bowl, knowing what is in your water is key to ensuring a safe and healthy lifestyle. No one wants to have unsafe water in their homes, and our trained plumbers in Ocala, FL offer these tips in determining if your drinking water is safe for consumption.

My Water Tastes Weird. Why?

If your water has a metallic or dirt-like taste, then you may be experiencing what is known as hard water. Since most of Ocala's water comes from aquifers, minerals such as magnesium and calcium can collect as the water flows underground. While hard water is not typically detrimental to health, we provide water softening systems that can help reduce the number of unwanted minerals in your home’s water. 

How To Tell If Your Drinking Water Is Safe

My Water Is Discolored. Why?

If you notice a slight tinge of color to your water, don’t panic just yet, as it may not be as bad as you think. Extra air could be trapped in the water, giving it a milky-white appearance or extra sediment could be passing through your pipes, causing your water to appear brown or yellow. These issues occasionally occur and should pass swiftly. But, if you notice any dark colors present in your water or foul odors coming from your tap, a burst pipe or bacteria in your water tank may be the culprit. Contact our residential plumbing services so we can determine what issue is impacting your water quality. Our experienced plumbers are ready to help solve the issue. 

Know Where Your Water Comes From

Safe water in Ocala is a priority for residents and visitors alike, so it’s important to understand where the water in your home is coming from. Most homes in the Ocala area are either connected to public water systems or a well system, meaning depending on the source, the quality of the water may differ. If your water system begins to fail, and your home is left without water, contact our 24-hour emergency plumbing services and we’ll get one of our skilled plumbers to you promptly to restore water function to your home.

Determine Whether Your Water Is Safe

The City of Ocala provides annual water quality reports, showcasing any changes in disinfectants or metals that may be found in the water. The Marion County Water Test Lab provides water testing and analysis and can determine what particles are in your drinking water. If someone in your home is experiencing illness or if your water looks oddly discolored, our plumbing repair company of highly skilled and experienced workers can determine whether a leak is the source of your issues. While no water system is entirely void of impurities, our plumbers can determine whether our water leak services are right for your home.