Summer is right around the corner, and with it returns sunny days, warmer weather, vacations, school break, and everything else that makes summertime such a beloved season. However, as the seasons change, so too do the ways we utilize our home plumbing systems. Between guests stopping by for barbecues and kids being home from school, there's bound to be an increase in water usage around the house, which means more wear and tear on pipes. Fortunately, the team of experienced plumbers at Sunshine Plumbing and Gas know what plumbing problems to watch out for this summer. Here are five of the most common summer plumbing problems.

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Shower Drain

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Summer is the ideal season for having get-togethers with family and friends. Between hosting cookouts, barbeques, and block parties, most folks will probably end up with more leftovers and dirty dishes during the summertime. This surplus of dishes means many homeowners' garbage disposals tend to get used relatively heavily during the summer. Unfortunately, heavy usage can cause a plethora of problems for garbage disposals. Also, produce that's popular in the summertime, such as pitted fruits, can damage garbage disposal blades. Avoid a clogged garbage disposal this summer, and only wash small amounts of soft food down your disposal; put the rest of your leftovers in the trash.

Sprinkler Issues

With the kids out of school and spending their time playing in the yard on sunny days, home sprinkler systems become especially prone to damage during the summertime. A single misplaced step coming down on top of a sprinkler could crack its head and cause a leak. This is a problem not only because of the impact a leak will have on your water but also because water could end up pooling around your home's foundation and causing costly water damage. Every couple of days, walk the yard and inspect your sprinklers for signs of damage.

Slow Shower Drains

Summer is the perfect time for a family vacation to the beach. However, once you get back from your beach day, be sure to rinse off before getting into the shower, not in it. Ideally, you should always try to rinse off with a hose in the yard before showering. Washing yourself off before hopping in the shower may seem excessive, but doing so can help protect your shower drain from clogs caused by sand, dirt, bits of shell, and other beach debris. Should a shower clog ever occur over the summer, don't hesitate to contact our plumbers in Ocala for drain cleaning services!

Clogged Toilet

With school out during the summer, your kids will be spending much more time around the house. Be sure to remind kids to use a reasonable amount of toilet paper to avoid clogs. More inhabitants around the house mean your bathrooms are bound to see an increase in usage throughout the day. It might go without saying, but the more a toilet is used, the quicker it will develop problems associated with wear and tear. Worn flappers, chains, and handles can force homeowners to make repairs earlier than they'd prefer.