Avoid These Mistakes To Save Time & Money

Bad habits, we all have them. While bad habits such as nail-biting, slouching, and compulsively checking your phone mid-conversation are unappealing, they aren’t necessarily dangerous. However, not all unsavory habits are so innocuous. For example, if left uncorrected, lousy plumbing habits can result in thousands of dollars in damages to a home’s plumbing and septic system.

Avoid causing harm to your home’s plumbing system by abstaining from these five everyday bad habits. Contact Sunshine Plumbing and Gas today to request a free estimate on any of our plumbing services!


Overusing Harsh Chemical Drain Cleaners

Drain cleaners are an effortless and efficient way to clear blockage and grime buildup in your pipes. However, drain cleaners, particularly those that contain harsh chemicals, should be used in moderation. Extreme chemicals damage and corrode your pipes, eating away at them further with each use. Rather than continue to damage your pipes with harsh chemicals, try using pipe-clearing tools instead. You can use drain cleaners, but try to limit it to once every few years.

If you need help clearing a drain clog or fear your pipes have suffered damage, contact our Ocala plumbers for sink drain repairs

Treating The Toilet Like A Trash Can

As a general rule, don’t ever flush anything other than toilet paper down your toilet. Hygiene products, cat litter, paper towels, cotton swabs, and even flushable wipes won’t dissolve in water the same as toilet paper. Disposing of garbage by flushing it is a sure-fire way to end up with a clogged toilet. To avoid harming your septic system, refrain from flushing items that aren’t biodegradable.

Rinsing Hair Down Drains

Most folks do their shaving either over a sink or in the shower since they can just wash their hair strands down the drain. While doing this may seem inconsequential, but those hair fibers can cling to soap scum inside your drains, accumulating over time and inevitably causing a clog that can damage your pipes. Rather than washing hair down drains, invest in a removable mesh drain screen that can trap fibers so hair can be disposed of properly.

Abusing The Garbage Disposal

Much like a toilet, your garbage disposal should not be treated like a trash can. We get it; it’s tempting to dump all of the leftovers on a plate down the garbage disposal since it’s so convenient. Nonetheless, many things aren’t meant to go down your garbage disposal. In particular, you should never put hot grease, eggshells, and fibrous foods such as rice, pasta, or potato peels down a garbage disposal. Anything that expands in water or could tangle blades may cause costly damages to a garbage disposal.