With hurricane season finally here, it’s time to restore your property.  Stock up on emergency supplies, secure any loose items or debris, and keep up to date with the news for any important information. But, you should also think about your plumbing system. Other than the safety of you and your loved ones, your priority in preparing for hurricane season should be your drainage and plumbing system. Like the rest of your home, your plumbing system could be affected by hurricane winds and overflowed water.If you ignore your plumbing system, a strong hurricane could damage your system or property, putting your investment in jeopardy. Fortunately, our plumbers in Ocala at Sunshine Plumbing and Gas can help you make some adjustments to your plumbing system to help prevent plumbing-related damage during the next hurricane. Contact our plumbing repair company today to get a free estimate and to schedule plumbing services for your home or business!

What Hurricane Season Means For Your Plumbing

Clear Out Slow Drains

North Central Florida residents know that with hurricanes and tropical storms come an overabundance of rainfall, which means your drainage system and gutters will have to do double duty to prevent flood waters from entering your home or business. That’s why it’s important to make sure your plumbing system is in good working order before a hurricane hits. While preparing your home or business for a hurricane, test all of the drains in the structure by funneling or running water through them.

Record how long each drain takes to drain the water completely. If one or more of your drains take longer than several seconds to drain, contact our Ocala plumbers for clean-out services. As with the inner plumbing, you should inspect gutters, drains, and downspouts in the area surrounding your property. Clean out any debris you find to the best of your abilities.

Schedule A Plumbing Inspection

If you have concerns about any aspect of your plumbing system, schedule a plumbing inspection with a reputable, licensed, and insured company, such as Sunshine Plumbing and Gas.

Our plumbers can clean out the pipes and perform preventative maintenance services to get your lines and fixtures in storm-ready condition, so you can worry about staying safe and protecting the rest of your property. If an emergency plumbing situation strikes, we can take care of it! Don’t hesitate to contact us for 24/7 emergency plumbing service.

Turn Off Your Water Heater & Main Valve

If you’re fully prepared for the oncoming hurricane, you’ve probably replenished your emergency water supplies. In this case, consider shutting down the main water line and turning off your water heater when the storm hits. Unfortunately, due to the extreme demands put on your plumbing system during a storm, pre-existing issue can worsen due to extreme weather conditions. Aside from having plenty of drinking water on hand, you can store larger amounts of water for bathing, cleaning, and flushing your toilets by filling sinks, tubs, and plastic totes ahead of time.

If you have to evacuate, turn off your main water supply and water heating. If the water supply becomes contaminated, turn the main water supply off to help prevent contaminated water from penetrating the plumbing in your property. Turning off your water heater, electricity, and gas line (if applicable) can help prevent them from turning on during the storm when there is no water supply.

Inspect Your Plumbing Post-Hurricane

If you have sufficiently prepared for the hurricane, you may not have much to worry about with regard to your plumbing system once the storm is over. To be sure, check the indoor and outdoor pipes after the storm has passed and once it is safe to make sure there is no visible damage to them.

Inspect the gutters and clear out any debris that may have gotten into them. In addition, check the walls and pipes for cracks. Once you turn on the main water valve, turn on the faucets and allow them to run for a short amount of time. If you have any doubts or prefer to let the professionals handle this, contact our plumbing company.

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