If a surprise spray of the showerhead gets you every time you go to take a shower or the persistent “drip drip” keeps you up at night, a leaky shower can be more than just a nuisance. But even more off-putting than that? A leaky shower faucet can drive up the cost of your utilities and waste your water. To save your money and your sanity, our Ocala plumbers and Gainesville plumbers at Sunshine Plumbing and Gas are offering these tips on how to fix a leaky shower head.

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Leaky Shower Head? Here's What To Do

Clean The Shower Head

Over time, gunk and mineral deposits from the water can build up in the shower head and restrict the flow of the water, which can force water out in weird ways or create a backup of water responsible for drips. To remove these build-ups, remove the shower head so it can be soaked in a cleaning solution. Some DIY methods suggest tying a bag of cleaning solution around the shower head to avoid removing it, but this may not provide as deep of a clean. Once the head is removed, soak it overnight in white vinegar to soften the mineral deposits, and then use an old toothbrush to scrub away any remaining residue.

Check The Seal

While you have the shower head removed for cleaning, check the washer or O-ring seal. These seals can crack or harden over time and cause leaks, and they will need to be replaced. Once you have the washer or ring removed, bring it with you to a local hardware store to ensure you get the proper fitting. After your shower head is cleaned up, reassemble the faucet with the new seal and check for leaks.

Replace A Defective Cartridge

Sometimes, the issue isn’t with the shower head but with the handle used for turning the water off and on. If you have a single handle that controls hot and cold water, the cylindrical cartridge may have become cracked or worn down, allowing water to trickle through the shower even when the handle is in the off position. Replacing the cartridge can be a little more involved as it is located behind the handle faceplate. To begin, make sure your water is turned completely off, then remove the shower handle, the decorative cover plate, and the stem cover. Once these are removed, you should be able to see the plastic cartridge. Remove the nut or clip holding the cartridge in place and use a pair of pliers to pull the cartridge out. If the leak doesn’t resolve once the cartridge is replaced, the issue may be with the valve body itself, which is a job that requires professional plumbing repairs.

No matter what the issue is with your shower or bathtub, our plumbers in Gainesville and Ocala can provide shower maintenance to ensure that each shower is relaxing.

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