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We rely on our water heaters to bring hot water to our homes and businesses day and night.

While most hot water heaters are designed to last 10 years, even with periodic maintenance and use, they sometimes need repairs. If your water heater needs repair, Sunshine Plumbing and Gas has the experience to quickly bring back the comfort of hot water. Our local plumbers are punctual and highly skilled which means you receive quality repairs every single time.

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Which Factors Are Important In Choosing A Water Heater?

The most important factor when choosing a water heater is the size. Having a water heater properly sized to your home and its number of occupants, will allow the water heater to keep up with the demands of the household and operate more efficiently thus, saving you money. Sunshine Plumbing and Gas will help you determine what size and type of water heater is appropriate for your home. Questions our Ocala plumbers will ask to help determine the type and size are:

  • How many people are showering and when?
  • Does the home have a tub or whirlpool?
  • What major appliances need hot water?

Tankless Water Heater

tankless water heater is sized by the hot water flow rate. Without a tank, this style uses and heats water on demand. Without a tank, this style uses and heats water on demand. Not only are these water heaters more efficient than traditional water heaters, they also provide hot water at a quicker rate than other models.

Storage Water Heater

A storage water heater is a traditional tank heater that stores a predetermined amount of water in a tank and only adds water to the tank when water is used. Tanks range in size from 30 to 80 gallons of water, depending on the number of people living in the home and expected demand amounts.

What Are The Signs Of A Water Heater Leak?

It can be easy to overlook a plumbing leak during daily life. Be mindful of the following factors that could be an indication of a leak in your water heater. If you suspect a water heater leak, contact our Ocala plumbers at Sunshine Plumbing and Gas as soon as possible for repairs.

Dripping Water

It is normal for a small amount of water to drip from the temperature and pressure valve as it vents excess steam. However, a large volume of water is cause for a call to the plumber.


Corrosion around the pipes, pipe fittings, or any part of the hot water tank is a sign a leak either has or is occurring. Even a slow leak through corrosion means the unit will likely need replacement sometime soon.

What Should I Do If A Leak Happens?

If a leaking water heater is responsible for a lukewarm or even cold shower, here are a few steps to take before the plumbers arrive.

Turn Off Power Supply

Following the manufacturer’s instructions, either turn the gas control knob to the pilot position or turn off the circuit breaker controlling the water heater and disconnect the power supply.

Turn Off The Main Water Valve

A water heater has a shut-off valve located outside the house, usually near the cold water pipe entrance. Other times this shut-off valve is located near the water heater itself, marked with a red handle.

What Should I Do If The Water Heater Bursts?

Water heaters can burst for several reasons, including a malfunctioning thermostat or corroded pipe fitting. A burst is not common, but when it does happen, gallons of water quickly rush into your home causing water damage. To mitigate the damage, review the following steps.

Disconnect The Power

The heating element on a water heater can retain its heat for some time after a water heater bursts. Not only does it present a fire hazard to the home, it can cause burns if touched during repairs. Follow the steps for disconnecting the power as listed in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Stop The Water Flow

Even after the hot water tank has burst, water will continue to fill the tank from the cold water supply pipe unless it’s turned off. Turn off the supply pipe by turning the valve clockwise until it stops turning. Otherwise, the supply pipe will continue to bring in more water because it thinks the tank isn’t full due to the burst.

Call Sunshine Plumbing And Gas

Your homeowners insurance will want to figure out why the burst happened in the first place and depending on the policy, reimbursement for the water damage may be applicable.

Contact The Insurance Company

Our 24 hour plumbers will assess a burst water heater quickly and begin resolving the issue. With quality repairs and up-to-date information, you can be assured our plumbers will give you the best solution for a burst water heater.

Do You Provide Water Heater Installations?

Sunshine Plumbing and Gas installs tankless and storage water heaters in homes throughout the greater Ocala, FL, region. The installation process is generally completed within three hours and includes removing the old water heater. We can also help you understand the type and size of water heater that would work best for your household. Contact us to learn more about water heater installation and repairs and schedule an appointment with our excellent Ocala plumbers!

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