Your plumbing system has an expiration date on it. Much like the lightbulbs in your lamps, your heating and cooling system, or your car, your home’s or business’ plumbing system will suffer from regular wear and tear over time, leading to eventual disrepair. Unless you have a relatively new plumbing system, your property will likely require a plumbing replacement at some point. To the untrained eye, it can be difficult to distinguish between plumbing woes needing repair and those requiring replacement.

Are you trying to decide whether you need another plumbing repair or a plumbing replacement? Here, our Ocala plumber at Sunshine Plumbing and Gas lists and discusses the top five plumbing repair signs that indicate the need for replacement. Work with the best plumber in Ocala! Contact us today for trusted Ocala plumbing services and get a free estimate for residential or commercial services.

When Plumbing Repairs Signal A Need For Replacement

Frequent Plumbing Leaks

Do you find yourself struggling to keep up with standing puddles of water from constantly leaking pipes? Recurring plumbing leaks can be a costly, time-consuming, and generally frustrating plumbing problem. Frequent plumbing leaks are also often a telltale sign the pipes in your home or business are corroded, outdated, or not adequately sealed.

Leaking pipes don’t always require a full-scale replacement, but keeping a close eye on the leaks’ location, scale, frequency, and consequences is important. The best way to determine if frequent plumbing leaks indicate the need for a replacement is with the help of our Ocala plumbers; contact us today to schedule an inspection!

Outdated Piping Materials

Pipes can be made out of a number of different materials. Common piping materials include galvanized steel, cast iron, copper, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), brass, and lead. Each of these materials has a different functional lifespan, meaning they may also fall into disrepair and require replacement at varying times. Of the common materials used to construct pipes for plumbing, PVC pipes typically have the shortest functional lifespan, with these pipes lasting anywhere from 25 to 40 years, while copper pipes can last up to 80 years.

Brass, galvanized steel, and cast iron may endure for 80 to 100 years before requiring replacement. Depending on the age of your home or business, your plumbing may use one material across all pipes or a combination of different materials. Pipes made from lead can cause severe health issues and should be replaced immediately! Our Ocala plumbing experts can inspect your plumbing system, inform you of the piping materials used in your residential or commercial structure, and advise whether a replacement is in order.

Contaminated Water

If the water from your faucets or taps is contaminated, you likely need a plumbing system replacement. Common signs of contamination in the water coming from your plumbing system are water that is brown, reddish, or otherwise discolored, water that has a foul or strange odor, or water that has an off or foul taste. These signs can indicate corrosion, rust, or other issues in your piping. Using and consuming contaminated water can be extremely dangerous and have adverse health effects.

Other common repair plumber services that indicate the need for replacement include hearing strange noises, such as banging or rattling coming from the pipes, which can indicate loose pipes or other serious problems. Call an emergency plumber Ocala service you can trust to remediate the problem; contact Sunshine Plumbing and Gas today to get started!

Low Water Pressure

Consistent low water pressure is another common plumbing repair that actually signals the need for a plumbing replacement. Low water pressure can occur for various reasons, whether it’s a small issue like a clog or blockage in the system, faulty faucet, or worn-out fixture components, or it may be an issue that stems from the source of your system’s water. In many cases, low water pressure results from underlying plumbing problems.

Low water pressure can point to a number of plumbing problems, from problems with the fixtures in your bathrooms or kitchen and clogged pipes to corroded plumbing components and broken pressure regulators. The best way to determine if the low water pressure in your residence or business requires a plumbing replacement is to call an experienced plumbing professional to assess the issue, identify the best solution, and correct the issue before it becomes a worse problem.

Slow Draining Pipes

Clogs and slow drains are other common plumbing woes for which we commonly receive repair calls that might require a more substantial solution to remediate adequately. Common causes of slow-draining water include accumulation of hair and soap scum accumulated over time in shower and bathtub drains. This type of matter creates clogs and restricts proper water flow. The accumulation of food particles, grease, fats, and oils within your kitchen’s drain can collect in the pipes, resulting in slowed draining. If foreign objects, such as hygiene products, jewelry, or other items, enter the drains or the bottom of the toilet, they create an obstruction and reduce the efficiency of draining.

Additionally, mineral deposits can collect and form in the pipe walls for those with hard water, reducing water flow. Experienced plumbers in Ocala can identify the underlying issue of your slow-draining pipes, use specialized tools to remove any blockages, and recommend preventative measures to help you avoid this problem in the future. If a more serious problem requires a replacement, we can replace all necessary components and ensure your plumbing works at peak efficiency!

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